Indo-Polynesian/Japanese Facial
This facial is a combination of soothing coconut oil, and natural fruit acids that gently exfoliate and re-hydrates the skin. It is finished with a Japanese facial massage, and misted with jasmine water. 60 min.

This is not considered a facial but a quick treatment for aging, acneic, scarred, and blotchy skin, this promotes skin genesis. It is then treated with Vitamin C and E serums, to create a healthy environment for skin rejuvenation. 20 min - 40 min





Blink Aesthetics H20 Facial
Over time, the skin in our face accumulates dead cells and blockages in the blood and the lymphatic system. This therapy can help deeply exfoliate using specialized modalities incorporating water and vacuum technology. The procedure also helps the release of sinus problems, and puffiness of the eyes.  60 min