Our Eyelash Extensions line is a culmination of 8 years of background in the Eyelash Extension industry. Our first line was developed with light, and durable PBT material that is tested with our on going clients. We are proud to share our years of experience and techniques to individuals who are eager to join our brand.


The Blink Aesthetics package including the certification, training, and a product kit costs $959.00. We also offer advanced certifications that incudles our machinery that starts at $1559.00. For people that have no background in the industry, we partner with a Florida accredited school to provide a Florida Facial Specialist license and Blink Aesthetics package that starts with $4899.00.

Financial Benefits and Growth

When we started doing eyelashes around 2006, the  industry was weak and many people are unaware of the potential of Eyelash Extensions. However, time came when reality shows, and red carpet became populated with celebrities that have amazing eyelash jobs, that it increased the demand for the Eyelash Extensions.
A salon that offers eyelashes would normally charge $200.00 to $400.00 for a full set of extensions, and a retouch price of $30.00 to $60.00. The growth of the salon varies on the skills and abilities of the specialist. The speed and quality of the work are the key to making the money. I encourage salons and specialists to focus on the skills and training for a succesful Eyelash Extensions practice.
We are currently making six figures of pure Eyelash Extensions income in our local Blink Aesthetics center and we are increasing every month. I want to share my knowledge and secrets to anyone interested.

Get Started

Contact us at (239) 850 4976  any information and to sign up to get Blink Aesthetics Certified!